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Steve Aoki in the audience
Grammy Award Nominated, Electro House Musician, DJ, Record Producer and Philanthropist, Steve Aoki, is the highest grossing Dance Artist touring today.

Steve, who is on tour most of the year with a demanding worldwide travel schedule, needed super-functional bags to help him organize and protect his personal and professional gear. “That’s when I reached out to the designers at FŪL Bags as I heard that the company was founded by musicians who had similar issues with off the shelf bags so the formed their company FŪL to design and produce their own. Working with them we developed two Collections of super-stylish and super-functional bags that can handle my personal as well as my professional gear. I think that these Collections, which we are offering to the public, will be popular not only with my fans but with any travelers who demand these qualities in their bags and luggage.”

What FŪL s you?