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Ride Along Kids Luggage Instructions

Thank you for your purchase of FUL ride along luggage. We always want to ensure happiness and satisfaction with all of our products. That is why you will notice that we have provided details on the features of the ride along kids luggage. Follow the below steps on how to use the ride along kids suitcase.

Ride Along Design

A contoured top for a cozy seat, footrests to keep little feet off the ground, and additional handles at the top can be used to pull or carry the kids suitcase.

Attach the Strap

Easily attach both clips of the shoulder strap to the front of the luggage, transforming it into a convenient ride-along.

Kids Handle

Watch as your little one effortlessly navigates with our ride-along suitcase. The retractable handle makes it a breeze for kids to pull on their own.

Pull with Strap

Safely turn your ride-along luggage into a fun journey - let your little one enjoy the ride as you pull them along with ease using the securely attached shoulder strap.

Shoulder Carry Strap

Carry your child's ride-along luggage by wearing the strap over your shoulder as a cross-body bag, or adjust the shoulder strap to the shortest length to use as carry-handle.

Store strap

The attachable shoulder strap can be packed separately inside case.

We hope you and your little one enjoys your ride along luggage on your next adventure. #WhatFulsYou

If you have any questions about our luggage please reach out to our customer care team using the Contact Us Page