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Article: FŪL Luggage Announces Brand Refresh

FŪL Luggage Announces Brand Refresh

FŪL Luggage Announces Brand Refresh

NEW YORK, NY -- Concept One Accessories is pleased to announce that it has undertaken a brand refresh for the FŪL brand to roll out across its entire line of backpacks, duffle bags, and luggage.

The new identity reflects an updated modern aesthetic in line with the brand’s commitment to providing stylish yet functional solutions for its young and creative customers.

“FŪL has always embodied style and durability,” said Concept One Accessories CEO Sam Hafif. “With a renewed focus on the brand this year, we wanted to breathe new life into the look and feel of the logo itself while maintaining its core aesthetic.”

The rebrand, spearheaded by New York City-based creative agency WRK Partners, features an updated iconic red with a coordinating black and gray color palette reminiscent of the brand that customers have come to recognize since its inception.

“FŪL Luggage had a memorable brand that we didn’t want to abandon,” said Robert Guerrero of WRK Partners. “We intentionally worked to maintain the same overall structure while adding refinements that would better showcase the quality and style of the products themselves.”

FŪL Luggage was launched in 2005 by singer, songwriter, and actor Justin Timberlake. Within ten years, the brand expanded from the United States to Canada and then to Europe. Originally designed to withstand harsh conditions during concert tours, the brand quickly developed a following within the music community.

“With its heritage rooted in Memphis and music, we felt we could open the brand to a new audience of creators,” said Guerrero. “We now celebrate all changemakers: innovators, creators, and forward-thinkers.”

Today, FŪL Luggage, owned by Concept One Accessories, is a premier resource for licensed fashion, sports, and entertainment accessories. Durability and functionality remain top of mind while also offering a range of styles to meet its growing market.

“FŪL acknowledges the hard work and dedication it takes for creators to create,” said Hafif. “We imagine our FŪL backpacks and luggage living with you throughout your journey, carrying the goods you need to make it happen.”

The new brand identity will be incorporated throughout Fall and Winter 2018 alongside a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

“We look forward to introducing FŪL Luggage to the next generation of creators,” said Hafif. “We’re excited to be a part of their creative process.”

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