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Article: FŪL Luggage Announces Collaboration With Marvel Entertainment

Ful X Marvel Collaboration Suitcase & Luggage Collection

FŪL Luggage Announces Collaboration With Marvel Entertainment

NEW YORK, NY -- FŪL Luggage announces it is joining forces with Marvel Entertainment. The new relationship begins this fall with a new line of FŪL Luggage featuring Black Panther.

FŪL Luggage, owned by Concept One Accessories, offers functional and design-forward backpacks, duffle bags, and hard-sided luggage. The new line features sleek designs that appeal to die-hard Black Panther fans and style-conscious travelers.

“Black Panther is inspirational and powerful,” said Concept One Accessories CEO Sam Hafif. “We’ve greatly enjoyed designing a luggage line that highlights the story of Wakanda and its destiny of greatness.”

The first two sets of hard-sided luggage showcase the Black Panther logo molded in a sleek all-black, multi-dimensional design, as we as a tribal printed pattern featuring “Wakanda Forever.”

Initially launched in 2005, FŪL Luggage was best known for its adoration within the music industry for its durability and stylish designs. Today, FŪL Luggage seeks to appeal to all change-makers, including innovators, creators, and forward-thinkers.

“The Marvel Universe is a perfect pairing with our new focus on meeting the needs of forwarding thinkers, especially for our younger travelers,” said Hafif. “We want to encourage that anything is possible, and the Marvel characters help teach this to our youth.”

The hard-sided set includes a 21-inch, 25-inch, and 29-inch suitcase. Wet/dry compartments, clothing compression systems, and 360-degree spinner wheels, plus more, help make travel easy.

With the holiday shopping season ahead, the FŪL Luggage Marvel Collection is expected to be a favored gift, according to Hafif.

“We look forward to Marvel being part of our lineup,” said Hafif. “The Black Panther Collection is just the start of our amazing journey.”

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