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NBC Studios Jaws 22.5" Carry-On Suitcase Luggage

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Immerse yourself in the suspenseful world of cinema with the NBC Studios Jaws Ful 22.5" Carry-On Luggage, where the infamous jaws of the great white shark evoking the spine-tingling thrill of the classic film. this carry-on luggage captures the essence of Jaws, the legendary predator that terrorized the waters of Amity Island. From its menacing gaze to its razor-sharp teeth, every aspect of the shark's head is faithfully reproduced, transporting you to the heart-pounding moments of the blockbuster movie. Available in navy blue.

This collaboration with Ful is an officially licensed NBC Studios Jaws suitcase carry on luggage

Navy blue NBC studios jaws 22.5" carry-on spinner suitcase luggage by Ful
NBC Studios Jaws 22.5" Carry-On Suitcase Luggage Sale price$119.99
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Cool and Comfy

Snuggled right into it and watched a movie. Very pleased. Its a big pillow in a small box so make sure you fluff it up when you open it.







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